The best Side of Flat Earth Proof

Individuals say why would the leaders ect ect deceive us, should they lie about war and mutarring numerous persons then This is often a fairly easy lie if you concentrate on it

I am just heading off Steere's piddly video: #126 which was The 1st time I realised Jeranism was a shill.

Many thanks alot for the info. That you are so right about Mark Sergent. He will make The complete flat earth matter seem Silly. He's like Homer Simpson he seems to just get dumber and dumber as time goes on! He's un-listenable to me now. Whats with all the many lots of interviews he gives?

  This can be the same as how David Icke says a bunch of terrific stuff then writes a complete book stating "the Moon is a hollow Room-ship piloted by reptilian aliens who Regulate humanity with head-Manage moon-beams." These brokers purposely poison the properly and muddy the waters to obfuscate the truth, which would be that the Moon is pure and never a hologram Irrespective of how over and over Mark and Crrow say so.

I come across it discouraging because All of this Strength is applied up center on legitimate congruence And do not get weighed down with colluding on these decreased vibrational ranges

  His sequence, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy 2015" is kind of pathetic and laughable, but efficiently hijacks my search phrases.  You may read through my debunking of his attempt at debunking me listed here. 

For that reason, I agree with this entire publish, including the superior-natured maligning of what amounts to my emotional and intellectual responses to deviations in the expertise at moderation and my writing (And exactly how or why I title my videos - almost all of that have a lot less than 10 sights!) :-)

It is so unhappy the fact folks can not action away from their life hood programming, all I required to turn me in to flat earth was what we should not see about a specific length, and stubbeling across this information reporter conveying a mirage Which we shouldn't see The full skyline I did some NLP analysis a see yrs again and I picked up how they plant seeds in the head for even more Mind washing ect ect so I am able to just listen to the propaganda coming out their mouths

DianeDi +checktheevidence I confident had my eyes open by that website link. I take back again what I claimed higher than about possessing Substantially regard to suit your needs Andrew Johnson. Even though I Keep to the work of Dr.

As for your laser video, resulting from poor preparing and never finishing A prosperous exam before choosing the videographer, Jeran wound up having to pay for a second working day of filming, only to discover that his laser dispersed into a ten foot beam through the ocean absolutely nullifying the outcomes!  You'll be able to hear him just nowadays conversing with his best buddy Mark Sargent performing much like the laser experiment was some large accomplishment and attempting to spin his side of the IFERS drama referenced higher than.

checktheevidence +DianeDi You need to get rid of the FE brain virus ASAP - It truly is extremely important that you choose to realise what it's prompted to occur and why it's been carried out.

Anyone just squandered £6 or maybe more on postage and much more around the book. 35click here What a shame. Not one person has admitted sending the book.

.. In accordance with Anastasia in the "ringing cedars of Russia" textbooks, This really is and actual Actual physical teleportation is actually a pure capacity of ours... Also There is certainly something else about HIS(Tale) that Arthur and One more Russian researcher, have come to the conclusion that every one history is faked, Which we in all probability havent experienced in excess of one,two hundred several years or so of Sun Year Rotations from the Earth, as something else that doesnt truly exist is time.. its Yet another CON-struct... Another factor with regard to the conspiracy is that there's no "them", as I seasoned even though carrying out a re-birthing excercise, I was telling GWB as well as Ariel Sharon that "I loved them", for the reason that that is the only drive that should mend this Earth is Adore, the strongest power in the Universe... So in that minute I realised that its us, we, I that allow the conspiracy being Lively, and its me/us/we that have to vary in order for it to fade absent..... Its the darkness wihtin all of us, that allows evil to generally be active on this Earth, and just once we mend this darkness, can we re-generate paradise/heaven on Earth....

Getting watched the hatchet work which Math 'Jesuit' Boylan did on Eric only past night, I required to vent somewhat, and wound up here. Trust me men and women, people that dismiss the Jewish Issue and even worse - openly winner it - are positively and exactly your disinfo brokers. Regardless of the Jews are paying out Boylan, they won't get their shekel's really worth. Actually, just the other. Don't just is he not convincing, he appears to generally be higher on his choice of illicit substance. Just because a person denies the Holohoax (a lie which cannot be sustained for a lot longer) will not mean 'shill.

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